Tips to Get a Good Price for Your Gold Ornaments at a Pawn Shop

Gold always carry its value no matter how old it may become, and they fetch good price whether you sell it at a jewellery store or a pawn shop.

How much money can the pawn shop lend you for your gold jewellery?

Normally, a pawnbroker may lend you anywhere between 50% and 75% of the gold’s original price. This is because gold is traded on the open market, and the price of gold never remains the same – it might go up or down depending upon the current markets. In the event of non-repayment by the customer, the pawn shop has to make a profit by selling the gold that they have as collateral in order to stay in business. Thus, they usually lend lower price for gold than its existing market price. Moreover, in the event whereby the prices of gold dips, the pawn shop have to make sure that they don’t run into losses by offering you more money.

Tips to get a good price at a pawn shop

Before selling your gold jewellery to a pawn shop or gold buyers in Sydney, you need to clean your gold ornaments so that you stand a chance to get a good price for your gold ornaments.

Below bit of information will precisely enable you to clean up your gold ornaments and make it shining as new!

Clean using dish soap

    1. Take some drops of your liquid dish detergent in a small pot of warm water (not very hot water). Softly mix it.

    2. Normal tap water is all right, but to get finer results, you can make use of sodium-free carbonated water. The gathered dirt on the gold ornaments will be removed by carbonation present in the liquid.

    3. Your gold ornaments might contain delicate precious stone, so never use hot or boiling water to clean. The delicate stone like the opal can break if it’s exposed to sudden and severe temperature changes.

Immerse your gold jewellery in the solution

For around fifteen to twenty minutes, let your ornaments remain in water. As the gold ornaments gets drenched, warm water mixed with soap will go into the cracks which will release tough to clean dirt.

Get a toothbrush with soft bristles and softly scrub your gold jewellery

Each separate piece of your gold ornaments need to be scrubbed with the toothbrush having soft bristles. It helps to remove dirt and grime from the most hidden parts of the gold ornaments. Remember to use a toothbrush with very soft bristles, as stiff bristles can scratch the jewellery’s surface. Eyebrow brush with softer bristles will also typically work.

Clean with warm flowing water

You can then clean each of your jewellery pieces with warm flowing water. Usually, washing will enable to clean the dirt from your ornaments that’s been loosened using the brush. Ensure that you use just a little bit of warm water and not hot water, as hot water can damage the delicate stone that is embedded inside your jewellery pieces. Take care if you’re washing your ornaments in an open sink – make sure you cover your drain area properly so that in case the jewellery piece slips from your hands unknowingly, you don’t lose them.

Use a very soft cloth to completely dry your jewellery pieces

Finally, make use of a very soft cloth and allow your jewellery pieces to rest on it so that it gets air dry entirely.

This procedure will enable your gold to shine like a new one and you will probably end up getting a good price for your gold ornaments at a pawn shop in Sydney. All the best!